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Today’s widespread use of social media such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on the mobile internet makes it hard for us to imagine that sending an e-mail used to be considered revolutionary. Ploum was one of the very first Dutch legal firms to make use of this technology when communicating with our clients.

TMT businesses

Our affinity with the digitising of our society and our strong focus on the Technology, Media and Telecom (TMT) sector enable us to provide leading businesses in this sector with expert advice and assistance. These include companies specialising in business software, social media, consumer electronics, IT hardware and servers, network operators and employment agencies, as well as all kinds of people in the entertainment sector.

Advice and assistance

At Ploum, our lawyers will be delighted to advise you or your company on TMT matters. Our expertise covers a wide range of legal areas, from IT, privacy and intellectual property to corporate, competition, invitations to tender, employment & co-determination, and administrative law.

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