• Enforcement and Sanctions

Team Enforcement and Sanctions provides assistance in various matters such as:

  • Fines and other penalties: In cases where fines or other penalties are imposed, we can assist you and your company. We advise you and your company on the strategy and express your point of view during proceedings both in court and in earlier stages;
  • Legal assistance during inspections and investigations: We assist you when an Inspectorate or Investigative service conducts an investigation on your activities or that of your company. We know what your rights and obligations during an investigation are, to what extent you should cooperate and what the possible follow-up steps are after the investigation. We can provide assistance when authorities are on your doorstep, when questions are asked in an interrogation, and we can advise you on how to response at questions and claims.
  • Advice on prevention: We help you and your company to prevent fines and other penalties. We know what is and what is not allowed, and where the risks of enforcement lie. We provide substantive training, carry out audits, set up compliance programs, and prepare your company for inspections and investigations.

We have experience with most common sanctions and supervisors, including:

  • Fines and other sanctions in the area of environmental law, often imposed by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (IL&T) or by the Emission Authority (Nea);
  • Fines and other sanctions in the area of working conditions, often imposed by the Inspectorate SZW (ISZW);
  • Supervision and enforcement actions by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) in areas such as competition law or consumer law;
  • All criminal cases in which the Public Prosecutor is involved, also in cases regarding the confiscation of unlawfully obtained profit;
  • Supervision and enforcement by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).

Our experience with enforcement and sanctions is demonstrated by the following:

  • Our team members have worked at the Public Prosecution Service and the ACM, which allows them to advise on how to deal with these institutions;
  • We take care of the OSR Administrative Law course for lawyers, company lawyers and other legal professionals;
  • We provide courses on Competition Law for the Master Law of Healthcare at Erasmus University Rotterdam;
  • We assist various national and international companies from various sectors during unexpected visits by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets;
  • We assist several large and small companies in criminal and administrative cases in the field of waste, the EVOA Regulation, the CLP Regulation, the REACH Regulation and the Brzo;
  • We advise companies how they can be compliant in the area of the above-mentioned regulations;
  • We assist companies in confiscation procedures following a criminal case;
  • We assisted several parties during investigations by the NZa;
  • On behalf of a grid operator, we filed a defense against a cease and desist order of almost 100 million euros on the basis of the Independent Network Management Act.