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It is very important that your healthcare institution keeps fully informed of the continuous developments in the healthcare sector. After all, your organisation must be future-proof and you want to be able to base your decisions on the current state of affairs. However, keeping yourself informed of all legislative and regulative changes is practically an everyday task, while you really want to focus entirely on the care for your patients or clients.

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

Our specialists can help you answer practically all your legal questions. We can, for example, advise you on cross-sectoral projects or new initiatives and we can quickly identify the legal issues for you. Based on our experience we know that a comprehensive legal approach is often essential. Therefore we have pooled our experience and expertise in the relevant legal areas in our multidisciplinary Care Team. Our knowledge of the care sector and our experience in this sector constitutes the uniting factor between all the lawyers and civil-law notaries in this team.

And like you, our main priority is looking after our clients. We mainly work for healthcare providers such as hospitals, independent treatment centres, convalescent centres, nursing homes, care homes, home care organisations, GP group practices, occupational health and safety services and preventive healthcare services, and we also work for suppliers in the healthcare sector. We seek feasible solutions quickly, efficiently and cost-consciously.

Our expertise in the healthcare sector


Ploum is partner of ZorgZijn Werkt.

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