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Team Ploum raises € 6,065 for the ‘Walk In her Shoes’ challenge

06 June 2016
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This year Ploum has again supported the ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ challenge of CARE Nederland. 14 employees of Ploum have walked a total of more than 750 kilometers in the week from Monday May 30th to Sunday June 5th. Team Ploum has received more than 125 donations in one month, with a total of € 3,565. On top of that, the firm donated € 2,500. In total team Ploum raised € 6,065 for the ‘Walk in Her Shoes’ challenge.

Team Ploum consisted of: Angela Gerrets-van Gilst, Caroline Kooijman-Hoegee, Eline Hogervorst, Ewa Krysmann, Joris van de Bunt, Marieke Groenendijk, Marijke Siben, Martine van der Horst, Michel Jacobs, Princess Roseval, Rachel Kostense-Visser, Shaharzaad Said, Stan Commissaris and Tessa Morssinkhof. The management board congratulates the team members with achieving their goal and thanks all donors.

The proceeds of the ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ challenge go to women in the poorest areas of the world to help them start their own businesses and work towards a better future for them and for their children. CARE Nederland raised € 18,209 with the ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ challenge this year. Read the blog with all updates and photos of all participants.

Engaged employees make the difference

Michel Jacobs, partner and member of the CSR committee: “CARE’s work inspires and the involvement in this challenge creates solidarity. The challenge offers women and girls opportunities to education and personal development. It simply deserves our unwavering support. I am therefore proud that we again this year have been able to support the charity. The daily walks of at least 7 kilometers – also with my colleagues – were very nice and positive to do.”

Ploum has an eye for the society in the Netherlands and abroad. With substantive contributions to the IMC Weekend School and CityLab010, but also sportive contributions such as the ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ challenge, Ploum makes the difference with its inspired employees.

“In addition to walking, some employees have put extra effort in the challenge by organizing various activities last week. There was a group walk after the lunchbreak through the centre of Rotterdam. And during our weekly drink a fundraiser was organized where colleagues could buy delicious snacks or lottery tickets. All proceeds from the fundraiser were donated to the ‘Walk In Her Shoes’ challenge”, said Jacobs.

Ploum is partner of CARE Nederland

Ploum is partner of CARE Nederland and supports the mission and vision of CARE. This organization (originally the Marshall Plan) is one of the largest international aid – and development organizations in the world and focuses on fighting poverty and its causes. CARE works in more than 80 countries and reaches more than 80 million people. CARE has a special focus on promoting entrepreneurship and focuses mainly on providing opportunities to women.

In the Netherlands this’ Walk in Her Shoes’ challenge started in 2015. In 2015, employees of Ploum participated for the first time in the challenge and a total of over €6,000 was donated to CARE.

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