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Rotterdam law firm Ploum celebrates 25th anniversary

01 September 2020
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Ploum | Rotterdam Law Firm celebrates its 25th anniversary today. The firm, that started in 1995 with 7 partners and 1 employee, has now acquired a position in the top 25 of largest law firms in the Netherlands.


Ploum has been the fastest growing firm in the Netherlands for three times in a row and continues to grow. ‘Growth has never been a goal in itself.’, says chairman and co-founder Rutger Ploum. ‘It has to do with the expansion of our client care and our vision of how we want to work with our clients. In order to stand next to our clients and advise them as legal strategists, we need to be able to look more broadly as a true business partner. We therefore collaborate intensively in sector teams, in which different expertise is brought together.’

Shared values

Over the years, numerous decisions were made that were important for the development of the firm, including the expansion with new fields of expertise. One of the most important decisions has been to engage in intensive discussions with the firm’s teams about the common values. ‘That has created a lot of clarity about who we are and what we can expect from each other. And also about which direction we want to go in the next 10-15 years.’, says Willem Leppink, partner intellectual property law: ‘You can optimize your organizational structure and internal organization more and more, but in the end it is the people that have to do it. And if they’re involved, you’re already 1-0 up. You radiate that to your clients. They feel our connection with them and let us know that this magical ‘extra mile’ is actually being fulfilled.’ The belief in shared values is also expressed in the firm’s award-winning advertising campaign.

Keeping promises

‘At the end of 2019 we were busy preparing all kind of activities to celebrate this 25th anniversary. We already had to cancel many activities for our staff and clients due to the covid-19 measures. The only logical choice we could make, but in another way we will ensure that this milestone does not go unnoticed.’

Ploum thanks everyone – clients and staff – for trusting the firm over the past 25 years. ’We will do everything we can to keep our promises. We are very inspired to continue with full commitment in the coming years.’, says Rutger Ploum.

More information

Rutger Ploum

M +31 6 2269 3315
E r.ploum@ploum.nl

Nick Hessels

M +31 6 2269 3330
E n.hessels@ploum.nl

Marieke van Tiggelen
Marieke van Tiggelen

M +316 2322 0731
E m.vantiggelen@ploum.nl

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