Sophie Oude Sanderink-Dormaar

Deputy civil law notary

Sophie is working as a senior deputy civil law notary at Ploum.

Expertise: corporate law and notarial family law

At the beginning of 2007, Sophie switched to Ploum, where she further specialized in corporate law and notarial family law (including estate planning). She is involved in the (re) structuring of groups and partnerships, in the assistance of mergers and acquisitions, the setting up of joint ventures and the formation of companies, foundations and cooperatives. In the area of ​​family law, she is primarily involved in estate planning, drawing up wills, (change) marriage conditions, cohabitation agreements, issuing depository receipts for assets and donations (both within a family and to charities).


Sophie(1976) graduated from Utrecht University in 2000 and started working as a junior civil-law notary in a general law firm and notary’s office in The Hague, with a focus on real estate and notarial family law.