Jouko Barensen

Attorney at law

Jouko (1975) graduated in 1998 in Leiden. Jouko worked for 16 years in the Public Prosecutors Office, of which he was a Prosecutor for the last 9 years. He specialized in fraud cases, as well as money laundering and other criminal cases with financial elements. Jouko also specializes in environmental criminal law. He knows how to handle waste label-cases, REACH & CLP-cases, and asbestos-cases. Jouko also specializes in cases were assets are seized, and unlawfully obtained profits are confiscated. He has a lot of experience in the courtroom. As a former Prosecutor, he has a lot of valuable knowledge about criminal investigations and about how investigative authorities and Prosecutors work.

Jouko is also involved as a teacher in the course “administrative sanction law” of the OSR.


  • Member of the Association for Environment and Law
  • Aspiring member of the Dutch Association of Criminal Law attorneys

“Knowledge about criminal investigation procedures and about the authorities conducting them is essential to a lawyer and his client”