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Frank Barendrecht

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Frank Barendrecht

Attorney at law

In 2005, Frank (1982) completed his studies at Utrecht University. From 2005 to 2011 Frank worked for the Authority for Consumers and Markets (formerly known as the Dutch Competition authority), with short secondments to the Consumer authority and the Competition Commission of South Africa. In 2011 Frank joined Ploum.

Frank advises and litigates in the field of competition law, for which his experience with the ACM is very helpful. In 2008 Frank successfully completed the Grotius specialization programme in competition law. Frank serves clients in many sectors, but takes special interest in the health care sector. For clients in that sector Frank advises and litigates in the field of health care law as well. Frank coordinates Team Care.

In his time with the ACM, Frank gained much experience with administrative fines. Furthermore he was closely involved in the development of the ACM’s fining policy. Frank now applies that knowledge in Team Fines, a team of lawyers that assists clients in preventing or defending against administrative fines.

Frank gives guest lectures in competition law at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam every year. Twice a year, Frank gives lectures in Administrative criminal law for OSR legal educations.


  • Competition Law Association
  • Health Law Association