Dorine ten Brink

Attorney at law, partner

Dorine (1968) graduated from Erasmus University, Rotterdam in Company Law and Private Law in 1991. In 1996-1997 she completed the IT Law program at the post-graduate Grotius Academy and became a member of the Netherlands Association of Computer Lawyers, a small and (still) exclusive group of specialized IT-lawyers in the Netherlands. Dorine began her career at NautaDutilh. At Ploum she is active as a lawyer and partner.

Dorine was the firm’s only female founder. She specializes in contract law and has a commercial advice and litigation practice. Dorine is involved in drawing up and negotiating various commercial contracts in fields including agency, distribution, (international) purchasing and general conditions. She has a lot of experience of advising on IT contracts. This includes contracts relating to the development of custom software, system integration, maintenance, licensing and escrow, while privacy aspects also regularly come up. In addition, she is frequently involved in civil proceedings, for example relating to failing IT projects, and in disputes about attributable failures, dissolution, cancellation, authorization, price/payment, liability and tort.

Dorine is particularly interested in arbitration. Dorine has acted as counsel in international and national arbitration, amongst others under the rules of the ICC, the NAI (Netherlands Arbitration Institute) and the Arbitration Institute for the construction industry. In addition, she is secretary to the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association and NOFOTA (the Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association). These are two arbitration institutes for commodity trade with a long-standing history in the Rotterdam harbor, where the panel consists of laymen. Dorine is the keeper of legal (material and procedural) aspects and writes the arbitral awards following the decision of the arbitrators and in close cooperation with the arbitrators.

She is a also an active member of 1370 Group, an informal International Arbitration Group with members of different, independent law firms in Europe and the US. The 1370 Group consists of lawyers who have a passion for arbitrations and arbitration law and exchanges knowledge and experiences in international arbitrations. Finally, Dorine is on the editorial board of the Dutch Journal of Arbitration, working closely together with leading individuals in the Dutch world of arbitration and being well ahead of the developments in arbitration law, including the first experiences with the new arbitration law in the Netherlands.


  • Dutch Arbitration Association
  • Netherlands Association on Dutch Civil Procedural Law
  • Netherlands Association of Computer Lawyers (VIRA)
  • Netherlands Association of Privacy Law
  • Netherlands Association of Information Technology and Law
  • Netherlands Association of Travel Business and Law

Additional jobs

  • Member of the editorial board of the leading Dutch Journal on Arbitration Law (‘Tijdschrift voor Arbitrage’)
  • Secretary to the arbitration institute of the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association
  • Secretary to the arbitration institute of NOFOTA (Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association)
  • Member of 1370 group, founded by Arthur Marriott QC, an informal and non-exclusive International Arbitration Group with members of independent law firms throughout Europe and the United States of America
  • Chairman of the supervisory board of a health organization for the weekends and after-hours of sole practitioners
  • Trusted representative for a professional umbrella organization managing eight primary schools near Rotterdam


  • ‘The use of arbitration and binding opinions in insurance practice from the perspective of the parties', N. Vloemans en Th.P. ten Brink, OO&R Manual, 2014

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