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Key information

Ploum (professional partnership)
Blaak 28
3011 TA Rotterdam

P.O. Box 711
3000 AS Rotterdam

T +31 10 440 6440
F +31 10 436 4400
E info@ploum.nl

Ch. of Comm. no.: 24466720
VAT no.: NL.8040.02.204.B.01


Ploum (Ploum) offers legal advice on various areas of law. A full description of these areas of law can be found elsewhere on the website. Legal representation, representation in alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation) and notary services are our other core activities.

Besides this, the Ploum Academy offers courses and training which can be used for the Continuing Education of the Netherlands Bar Association and the Royal Notarial Association.

General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of Ploum are applicable on all legal relationships of Ploum. These general terms and conditions are filed at the registry of the Court of Rotterdam.


Unless agreed otherwise, the fees of the work performed by Ploum is based on the amount of hours spent on the work, multiplied by the hourly fee. Next to this hourly fee Ploum will charge: office expenses of 5%, disbursements (such as court and bailiff fees) and, if applicable, VAT. The hourly rates and other costs will in principle be charged per month, provided with a specification.

Professional organization

The attorneys and civil-law notaries of Ploum are registered at the following professional organizations and adhere to the professional rules and codes of conduct of these organization. These rules and codes can be requested via these  professional organizations.

Netherlands Bar Association

Civil-law notaries
Royal Notarial Association


The attorneys and civil-law notaries of Ploum are insured under a professional liability insurance and business liability insurance which exceed the minimum standards set by the professional organizations.


In case you are not satisfied with the services of Ploum, and you do not want to discuss this with your regular contact person, you can file a complaint to the complaints officer, via klachten@ploum.nl or per ordinary post. Please see our complaints procedure.
If you are not satisfied with the services provided by the (candidate) notaries, we refer to the Notarial Complaints and Dispute Settlement at: www.knb.nl.