• Notarial practice: property

At Ploum, our civil-law notaries will advise and assist you from purchase to delivery, as well as in respect of mortgages and creating security and rights in rem. This refers to acquisition and disposal of commercial property as well as to housing, creating rights of superficies, ground lease rights and mortgages, divisions in apartment rights, project funding and property development, inner-city development and redevelopment, and establishing property structures.

Area of work

We have clients all over the Netherlands in addition to electricity and oil companies and other enterprises at the Port of Rotterdam. For example, you are most welcome to consult us on the construction of shopping centres, legal structures for recreational parks and multi-storey car parks, and advice and assistance in property development such as turnkey projects.

Land registration of networks

The entire surface area of the Netherlands is full of cables and pipes for electricity, gas, water, sewage, heat and telecommunications. We can register ownership of these networks in the land register for you. And we will answer all your questions in this respect, including the following:

  • How can registering ownership of a network benefit our company?
  • What risks do we run if we do not register ownership?
  • What does registering our network cost?
  • Do we still have to create rights of superficies in addition to registering the network?
  • How can we prove “authorised installation” or “conducting ourselves as a proprietor”?
  • How does registering ownership with the land registry relate to registration in connection with the “Underground Grids (Information Exchange) Act”?
  • How can we arrange for access to and maintenance of the cables and pipelines?
  • Do we also have to register extensions and re-routing of cables and pipelines at regular intervals, if at all?
  • How should we organise our administration right now so that we can register later on?