• Notarial practice

Are you considering establishing a legal entity, transferring immovable property, having a will drawn up or concluding a merger or division? All these matters require expert legal services that are exclusively reserved to a civil-law notary under Dutch law. You can consult a civil-law notary if you need advice on corporate law, immovable property or family law.

Corporate law

Our specialists in our notarial practice will advise you on every possible kind of transaction relating to corporate law, and to carry out these transactions for you. Examples include reorganisations, takeovers of shares, assets and liabilities, financial transactions and the relevant securities, and national and international legal divisions and mergers. We can also advise you on corporate governance, partnerships, foundations, associations and cooperative societies.

Immovable property

Our civil-law notaries advise and assist you during property transactions in the broadest sense, particularly in the energy sector and including the creation of rights of superficies and network registration. They also have a great deal of experience in supervising purchases and sales of commercial and non-commercial immovable property.

Estate planning

Our civil-law notaries can also help you in matters relating to family law such as drawing up and amending wills and living wills, cohabitation agreements, gifts, and pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. This can save you a lot of work.

Wide-ranging national and international support

At Ploum, our civil-law notaries cooperate closely with the lawyers at our office wherever necessary, and we call in external tax consultants to resolve complicated tax-related problems. We can provide you with expert advice and assistance in geographical cross-border matters as well, and we cooperate with our international network to find easy solutions to all your international problems.