• Joint venture

If you are planning on entering into or terminating a joint venture, you should obtain sound legal advice and assistance first, so that you can continue doing business as soon as possible.

Entering into a joint venture

You will encounter challenges and possibly some heated discussions from the first exploratory conversations right up to the actual commencement of the joint venture. When drawing up the shareholders’ agreement, you should take all the usual ‘ingredients’ into consideration, such as a good leaver and bad leaver scheme, drag along and tag along stipulations, and regulations in the event of a deadlock. All this is very similar to drawing up a ‘pre-nuptial agreement’.

Terminating a joint venture

If a dispute arises in the existing joint venture, it is important to examine options for resolving it, or how the shareholders plan to separate, which is usually the outcome in most cases. This situation also resembles private life, since relationships can end and the joint property has to be divided.

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

At Ploum, our experienced lawyers will be pleased to help you when entering into or terminating a joint venture. In this connection, we cooperate closely with our other lawyers, and often also with register valuators whose job it is to assess the company’s value. We can advise and assist you from the first exploratory meeting right up to the actual commencement of the joint venture. In the event of termination, we work extremely efficiently while focusing on the end result, and we make sure that the process is not unnecessarily complicated. We will do this in accordance with your own wishes, and we will make clear agreements on legal fees with you beforehand.