• Due diligence

If you are planning to sell a company, a due diligence investigation serves to identify important matters that you are obliged to report to the buyer. If you are the buyer, a due diligence investigation gives you insight into the risks attached to the company. You can then negotiate on these risks with the seller, and you may even be able to resolve them beforehand. The investigation also enables you to make an accurate assessment of future opportunities. Are there actually any integration benefits? And can you make the company more profitable in the future?

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

At Ploum, our specialists can carry out a due diligence investigation in a very short time for you and draw up a legally watertight analysis of the relevant company, at transparent rates estimated beforehand. As a seller or buyer, it is up to you to indicate the scope of the investigation. We will help you compile and record information and identify the risks based on a practical list of questions and your own specific or non-specific instructions. This will cover all the relevant legal areas, from employment law to competition law and from intellectual property law to fraud and white collar crime. Our team of specialists will focus entirely on your deal and will provide you with a clear and concise table, listing the issues, implications and recommended follow-up.