• Litigation

Litigation is an art that requires in-depth knowledge. First and foremost: knowledge of substantive law, regardless of whether the case in question relates to corporate law, a contractual dispute, procurement law or intellectual property law. And secondly, expertise in procedural law is absolutely vital, and so is experience in the way in which courts tend to assess matters. In many cases, it all revolves around the burden of proof and the division of burden of proof. After all, being in the right is by no means the same as winning your case! And since the latter is all that matters to our clients, a thorough and extensive knowledge of the law of evidence is an absolute must for every lawyer specialising in procedural law. However, the all-important thing is to seek an amicable solution to the dispute.

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

At Ploum, our Litigation specialists will be pleased to help you at an early stage of a commercial dispute or a dispute within a company. And you can rely on our experience in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as well. We will find out whether mediation or a binding third-party ruling (for example) could result in a fast and practical solution for you.

Since we keep all our files up to date on all the crucial points, this means that all the necessary information is present and correct as far as a court or arbiter is concerned, if legal proceedings are inevitable. First of all, however, we will make a precise estimate of the chances of winning the case. In this respect, we are often able to give you a realistic idea of all the costs involved too, regardless of the type of proceedings involved: proceedings on the merit, interlocutory proceedings, proceedings at the Enterprise Section or arbitration proceedings.

If, despite all our efforts, legal proceedings are inevitable, we will be pleased to act on your behalf during these proceedings, no matter whether you yourself wish to institute these proceedings or wish to conduct a defence. We will advise and assist you wherever necessary in bringing an action or levying pre-judgment attachment, so you may be sure that you can recover debts from the opposing party.

We are very well able to assess the focal point of proceedings, which means that you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises. We have already built up an excellent reputation in this connection, partly due to our expertise in the obligation to furnish facts and the burden of proof. Our approach is decisive and pragmatic and we litigate without pulling any punches. That is what you can expect from us at Ploum!