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All IT projects affect an organisation’s core business operations and are often of immense strategic importance. They generally involve expensive procedures and large sums of money being earmarked. So it is important for you to know exactly what is legally relevant in order to benefit during negotiations on purchasing, implementation, maintenance and management, and how to record this in contracts and SLAs: as a purchaser, but also as a vendor.


There are legal factors involved in all types of IT projects. Incorporating business operations into a new ERP system, for example, or developing customised software, connecting a new IT solution to the rest of the IT environment, choosing a SaaS solution, a software licence, purchasing an implementation service or migrating data to one central data base: your rights and obligations in all these cases must be carefully recorded in writing.


An increasing number of companies and organisations are opting for cloud computing for their software as well as for the entire IT infrastructure. These contracts likewise require clear and pragmatic agreements on service levels, continuity, security, privacy, a software or SaaS escrow and an exit scheme.


In the case of an IT project for the government, the project has to be put out to a competitive EU-tender. This, too, calls for legal assistance from experienced IT lawyers with additional knowledge and experience of procurement law.

Legal assistance

At Ploum, our team of IT experts can advise you – as a buyer or a vendor – on drawing up an IT contract and/or conducting the final negotiations on it. Cooperation among all the relevant disciplines at your organisation is absolutely essential to the prompt and successful completion of the project. Our IT team has all the necessary project experience and social skills in addition to the requisite legal expertise. We contribute strategic input to all the departments concerned such as purchasing, IT, audit/compliance, sales/marketing, legal affairs, management/board and the group of users, and we play a leading role wherever necessary. Our aim is always to find a way of making it possible, with clear agreements on the deliverables, service levels, budget and time schedule.

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If you would like us to assist you in drawing up and/or conducting final negotiations on IT contracts, or if you have any other questions concerning IT contracts, please don’t hesitate to contact our IT lawyers.

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