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It is, unfortunately, often the case that an IT project turns out to cost more than anticipated, or is not delivered on time, or that it does not fulfil your expectations. This is sometimes due to changes in the requirements set by the client and IT users, or a too optimistic view of the supplier or service provider’s performance when collaboration commences. And it often happens that the contractual agreements are unclear in actual practice, or there may be conflicting interests within the organisation, or a combination of all these factors.

Legal assistance concerning an IT conflict

If you become involved in an IT conflict, our IT team at Ploum will provide input on potential solutions at strategic level. We can help you draft letters and advise you on building up a file. Our IT lawyers will formulate a strategy – in consultation with you – for holding talks and conducting negotiations, and breaking a deadlock by coming up with a solution that is acceptable to both parties, and we can advise you on an exit scenario as well. We will determine the date on which a written notice of default should be sent in consultation with you. Since merely lodging a complaint is often insufficient, we will make sure that the notice of default fulfils all the statutory requirements. If the conflict escalates into legal proceedings, we will represent you on the basis of our wide experience in resolving disputes before the regular court (District Court and Court of Appeal) and in arbitration (such as NAI or SGOA). This refers to preliminary injunctions as well as substantive proceedings, including proof given by experts and witnesses.

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