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The emergence of information technology has brought about drastic changes in our society. An online or digital world has come into existence in addition to the offline world, with e-commerce transactions, the storage of confidential corporate information and/or privacy-sensitive information such as electronic patient files, and automation of innumerable types of business operations. Our extreme dependence on properly-functioning IT solutions makes our society and our economy vulnerable, and this includes your organisation too.

IT risks

Abuse, disruption or breakdown of your IT solutions can result in limited access and reliability of IT systems, breach of confidentiality regarding stored data, and damage to this data’s integrity. And of course you want to safeguard your organisation against all these dangers. You would infinitely prefer to get a different and positive mention on the news!

Legal assistance concerning cyber security

Digital security – otherwise known as cyber security – is of vital importance in preventing disruption of your organisation and your critical business operations. Experts all agree on one thing: it is not a question of whether your organisation will fall victim to a cyber attack, but when. And you will need a package of technical, organisational and legal measures in order to arm yourself against such an attack.  First of all, you should take appropriate organisational measures to prevent any problems, and secondly, you should draw up an action plan focusing on data recovery and restricting damage to your reputation, by communicating with the DPA as supervisory body and with other relevant parties. At Ploum, our team of IT experts can give you all kinds of practical tips on how to protect your organisation in a legal sense. It goes without saying that we often cooperate with technical experts in this connection. Our IT team is fully informed on all the latest legislative and regulatory developments, such as reporting any data leaks, and they also keep close track of all the relevant technical developments. We can investigate the effect of new legislation in this area and/or relevant technical developments on your organisation.

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If you have any questions on the legal aspects of cyber security, or if you want to find out when you should report a data leak and to whom, please contact one of our IT lawyers.

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