• Trademarks & designs

You can use a targeted strategy for legal protection to safeguard the intellectual property rights relating to your trademarks or designs.

Protecting trademarks

The fact that you are the first one to use a trademark does not afford you legal protection in many countries. Registering your trademark will ensure that you are the sole party entitled to use this trademark. At Ploum, our trademark law specialists will assist you in this, both in the Netherlands and internationally. We can enlist help from our global network of specialists and check all the relevant trademark registers to see whether your trademark is still available. If so, we can usually start up the trademark registration procedure and make sure that your trademark is protected in all countries where you do business.

Monitoring trademarks

Once your trademark is legally protected by registering it in the relevant trademark registers, you can have it monitored through Ploum. We will check on your behalf whether other parties submit similar trademark applications. This means that in the event of a conflicting trademark application, you can take prompt and appropriate action. We can advise you in this respect as well while you keep an eye on developments on the market, i.e. outside trademark registers.

Protecting designs

In addition to your company name, logo or other trademarks, you can give your product designs legal protection by registering them. Ploum can take care of this. If design is an essential part of your products, we will give you tailor-made advice on matters such as copyright, as well as advising you on design protection.

Issuing a licence

Once your own trademarks or product designs have been protected properly, you may wish to issue a license entitling other parties to use your trademarks or designs. Ploum’s trademark law and design law specialists can advise and assist you here too.