• Intellectual property law

There are a number of areas that cover the protection of your intellectual property, but their objectives and the scope of the protection they offer, may vary.

Trademark law

Your company name, the name of a product, a special font or style of writing, slogans, logos, and even colours or sounds are considered to be trademarks if they serve to distinguish your product or business from others. However, in most cases you do not have an exclusive right to use them, since such trademarks have to be filed in a trademark register. At Ploum, we can take care of the necessary trademark registration for you anywhere in the world. We can also ensure monitoring of the trademark registers and take action to combat copies and other infringements of your trademark rights.

Trade name law

The name of your company is your trade name, and this is sometimes accompanied by a trademark. Is it advisable to choose a name describing your business operations, or would this be unwise? What can you do if you find out that another company is using the same name or using your trade name or domain name in Google AdWords? Are they actually allowed to do this? At Ploum, we can advise you on all these points and give you practical tips on the best way to act in such situations.

Design law

The design of a product can be protected under design law by registering it in the Benelux, the European Union or all over the world. Ploum can do all this for you and of course we can also take legal action if any imitations appear on the market in spite of all your efforts.


Copyright may apply to books, photos, texts, academic publications and architecture, as well as to art, music and products. Sometimes it is easy to make copies by using a 3D printer. If you come across imitations on the internet or at the market, how and when can you take action against this? And are you obliged to do so? Another important point is when you should register your product or creation in order to protect it by copyright. Our specialists will help you find the most effective form of legal protection