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If you have registered a trademark or trade name without registering the relevant domain name, other parties can claim and use this name, or they will offer it to you against payment. What options are open to you in such cases?

Protecting your domain name

The point here is that you can take action – as the holder of intellectual property rights – if others use your trademark or trade name in a domain name. At Ploum, we have wide experience in tackling these practices and we can advise you. We can also represent you during civil proceedings in court.

Alternative dispute settlement

Another option would be to submit a complaint to a dispute settlement authority such as WIPO, the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC) and CEPANI. Ploum often recommends this option because proceedings are handled quickly and the costs are relatively low. Moreover, disputes are handled by independent professionals with a great deal of knowledge and experience in this field.

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