• Counterfeit goods

The more successful and well-known your product, the more likely it is to be imitated. Some people see this as a compliment, but at Ploum we do not agree. Based in the heart of Europe’s largest port, we know how to deal with counterfeits.

Anti-counterfeiting measures

If you discover that imitations of your products are being traded in shops, at flea markets or online, it is usually advisable to take steps to combat this. For example, to seek assistance from the European Customs authorities. At Ploum, we know from experience that this is one of the most important measures required to ensure a really effective combating of further illegal trade.

Anti-counterfeiting steps

If you are faced with infringement of your intellectual property rights, Ploum can advise you on the best steps to take. We will advise and assist you wherever necessary during legal proceedings resulting from loss of income and damage to your reputation.

Formulating a strategy to combat counterfeits

It is essential to choose the right strategy if you want to combat imitations successfully. Ploum will be pleased to help you plan your strategy while keeping our fees as low as possible.

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