• Intellectual property rights

Effective legal protection is essential if you wish to retain the intellectual property rights to your product or creation. This applies to your trademarks, logos and domain name as well as your models and designs. And you also want to ensure that your marketing and after-sales services are taken care of effectively.

Safeguarding your intellectual property rights

At Ploum, our specialists can advise and assist you in protecting your intellectual property rights. For example, we can file your trademarks and designs with the official authorities worldwide and we can also investigate a trademark’s national and international availability.

Tackling illegal practices

If you are troubled by unfair or illegal trade practices, marketing and advertising, competition, promotional games of chance or a domain name dispute, or if you have discovered that others are trading imitations or parallel imports of your products or their packaging, Ploum will help you tackle this, e.g. by setting up a programme to combat counterfeit goods or parallel trade. Our experts include an EU trademark and design attorney as well as other specialists in trademark law, design law, copyright law, trade name law and marketing and advertising law. We will represent you in court proceedings, before the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets or the Advertising Code Commission if the need should arise.

International support

Since the challenges facing businesses do not respect national boundaries, Ploum maintains a wide and reliable network of agents, and we cooperate with other lawyers and service providers on a daily basis all over the world. We are also associated with a number of organisations such as MARQUES (the European Association of Trade Mark Owners) and the International Trademark Association (INTA). In addition, we act as lead counsel for a large number of non-European clients and are therefore their first point of contact in the EU. We help them set up projects that may involve more than 50 different countries.