• Business liability law & product liability

A terminal where contamination occurs in a tank placed at the customer’s disposal. A warehousing company sued for allowing goods in its care to decay. A manufacturer of commodities sued for damages by a customer after the finished product was recalled. Accidents can happen so easily, no matter what sector you operate in.

Claim settlement

A great many legal questions arise in the event of damage. Who is responsible for the damage? Has liability been provided for in the contract? Is the damage insured? Can the damage be recovered from a solvent party? Moreover, it is of the utmost importance to resolve the dispute quickly and satisfactorily while safeguarding your business relationship and avoiding any negative publicity. And you may possibly be confronted with the competent authorities, the Public Prosecution Service or the Dutch Safety Board as well.

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

At Ploum, our specialists will advise you on the legal aspects of handling cases of damage, while always bearing your business interests in mind. We have a great deal of experience in matters where we as lawyers have to remain in the background due to business relationship, as well as in publicity-sensitive issues. We can take decisive action on your behalf where necessary and safeguard your interests. And we can also advise you on how to avoid damage in the future by making sure that your risks are properly provided for in contracts and by taking out the right types of insurance. Moreover, we can adopt a multidisciplinary approach.

If an accident has occurred at the workplace, we can call in our employment law and criminal law experts. If your company comes under the Major Accidents (Risks) Decree (BRZO), we can advise you on administrative law as well. If you want to eliminate all your risks in the contract and make sure that risks attached to one of the business units in your company remain within that unit, our civil-law notaries and corporate law specialists can advise and assist you.