• Contractual insurance law

Liability law can give rise to complicated situations in practice. In the event of considerable loss of profits, we cannot merely ‘inform the insurance company’ and sit back and wait. Various other parties will involve themselves in the matter, and these parties will be firmly entrenched before you know where you are.

Settlement of claims

Coordinating the settlement of a claim is of immense importance, particularly in cases where the cause of the damage is as yet unknown. Settling a claim not only focuses on working out all the legal relationships (such as assessing contracts and potential liability) and insurance coverage (damage may be covered under a number of different insurances); we generally have to find a way of avoiding putting pressure on commercial relations too.

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

At Ploum, our specialists know how to keep all our plates in the air with insured parties, insurance companies, experts, lawyers and government and local authorities, and sometimes media advisors as well, in close cooperation with our clients. We also know exactly how a claim can be settled without antagonising any of the parties or having to conduct interminable legal proceedings.

In this connection, we have extensive experience in assessing insurance coverage, and advising and assisting our clients if a dispute arises on this coverage. We have dealt with all the relevant matters in cases involving business and professional liability insurance, D&O policies (Directors’ & Officers’ Liability), CAR policies, Design & Construct insurance, credit insurance and fire insurance.

And since we firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, we will examine the content of your insurance policy, regardless of whether you are an insurance company, an insurance broker or an insured company. Do the clauses in your policy conflict with one another? Are there any points that are not quite clear with respect to the scope of the coverage? A great many disputes can be avoided if you let us advise you beforehand on the drafting of insurance products, or if you ask us to examine your insurance contract.