• Insurance law & liability law

Running a business means taking risks. However, accidents can happen so easily, and they can have a considerable financial and commercial impact too. This is why it is advisable for companies to spread their risks, firstly by making proper agreements beforehand with the other parties involved. Moreover, insurance forms an integral part of risk management for large and small companies alike. In the event of damage, you can sometimes recover your losses from another party, or such damage may be covered under your insurance. However it may be your own business risk in certain other cases.

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

At Ploum, our specialists can advise you on these matters. We have in-depth knowledge of insurance practice and we provide advice and assistance on all aspects of insurance: from financial supervision to developing insurance products and from contractual spreading of liability risks to settling claims. Our clients in this field include insurance companies, intermediaries, insured companies, government authorities and experts.

Liability law

Our team of experienced specialists can advise you on limiting and contractual spreading of risks and liability. If, despite all our efforts, any damage sustained results in a claim, we will advise and assist you in the event of legal proceedings.

Contractual insurance law

Insurance and the scope of its coverage obviously play a major role in settling claims. In this connection, we have extensive experience in assessing insurance coverage, and advising and assisting our clients if a dispute on such coverage should arise.

Regulatory insurance law (insurance supervision)

Supervision of insurance companies has been provided for in the Financial Supervision Act and the relevant regulations. We often answer clients’ questions on the scope and content of this Act: for example, have the parties concluded an insurance contract? Do you require a licence? Have you breached your duty of due care? What happens if you do not comply with a certain code of conduct?

Multidisciplinary approach

The insurance world is becoming increasingly complex due to continual shifts on the market and rapid changes in the regulations. At Ploum, our specialists have a thorough understanding of all the different players on the insurance market in everyday practice: insurance companies, insured parties, intermediaries and experts. And the numerous disciplines at our practice enable us to provide the integrated services that you need in this complicated legal area. The services we provide in addition to claim settlement, insurance coverage issues and advice on supervision include the following:

  • Assisting insurance companies and intermediaries during reorganisations and transfers of insurance portfolios
  • Advising insurance companies on the development of insurance products
  • Advising insured parties if they go bankrupt
  • Advising and assisting clients during the tender procedure for matters relating to insurance
  • Advising clients in the event of insurance fraud or a dispute on such fraud
  • Advising clients on the options (or lack of options) for insuring any administrative penalties imposed on the board