• Internal investigations & compliance

Prevention is always better than cure. In this day and age, when legislation and regulations keep changing at an increasing rate, you want to be sure that your enterprise is compliant and that you know exactly what is going on after an internal investigation has been carried out. This will enable you to take remedial actions and measures in order to prevent irregularities from happening in future, and to avoid criminal liability.

Legal assistance in connection with internal investigations and compliance

At Ploum, we can advise you on compliance at your organisation. And if there is any suspicion of financial or other irregularities, we can carry out the inevitable internal investigation for you. In this respect, we will cooperate with your company and external forensic specialists who perform their duties in accordance with the lawyer-client privilege. We will subsequently advise you – on the basis of the findings of the internal investigation – on remedial actions to be taken, and we will negotiate on an effective solution with the competent authorities.