• Money laundering

Due to the wide scope of the term ‘money laundering’, even your bona fide company can easily be subjected to a money laundering investigation.

Money laundering investigation

A great many normal transactions in the business sector may be involved in a money laundering investigation. Some well-known examples include civil-law notaries’ immovable property transactions and banks’ violations of economic sanctions. Money laundering investigations are often of a cross-border nature, and the relevant authorities in the United States (OFAC) are notorious for imposing severe sanctions.

Impact of money laundering investigations

A Dutch or non-Dutch investigation into money laundering will have a tremendous impact on your company. In addition to criminal proceedings instituted by the Public Prosecution Service, a money laundering investigation may result in a freeze on your assets or blocking of your transactions.

Legal assistance

At Ploum, our lawyers will advise you on what steps you should take to ensure continuation of your business operations in connection with national and international investigations, and we will assist you and/or your company during any subsequent criminal proceedings.