• Corruption

An increasing number of enterprises are facing investigations into corruption at national and international level. It is desirable to keep a low profile while resolving such sensitive issues.

FCPA and UK Bribery Act

The authorities in the United Kingdom and the United States carry out investigations into corruption as well as the Dutch authorities. The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act empower the relevant authorities to investigate alleged corruption all over the world.

Public Prosecution Service

The Dutch Public Prosecution Service (PPS) is conducting investigations into cases of alleged corruption outside the Netherlands to an increasing extent. But it is not always easy for businesses to know what local agents are doing. In the Netherlands, payments made by local agents – including facilitation payments – may well be considered as bribery.

Besides devoting increasing attention to combating international bribery, the PPS also investigates and prosecutes in cases of bribery in the Netherlands.

Impact of investigations into corruption

If your company is confronted with an investigation into alleged bribery, this may have a considerable impact. Not only do investigations take up a great deal of time for you and your employees, but alleged bribery often results in damage to your reputation. It can also result in a freeze on your assets, severe fines and even prison sentences. 

Legal assistance

At Ploum, our lawyers will guarantee a low-profile approach to the problem and we endeavour to avoid publicity at all times. We will advise you on the measures you should implement in your business operations during the criminal investigation and the internal investigation in order to avoid potentially criminal conduct in the future. And we cooperate with local specialists in the event of cross-border investigations.