• Fraud

Investigating officers may consider certain financial constructions to be fraudulent, such as forgery of documents, money laundering and corruption. In addition, you will be confronted with matters such as tax and subsidy issues in connection with, in particular, cross-border trade.

Tax matters

Fraus legis or fraud? Your company is subject to various tax liabilities, and tax legislation and regulations are often complicated. As a result of this, you may find yourself involved in a tax dispute followed by a criminal investigation, and the same applies to your obligations under customs law.


There is a great deal of public interest in abuse of subsidy and benefits schemes, and often the way in which the relevant legislation and regulations should be applied is not exactly transparent either. But the incorrect application of this legislation may have a considerable impact on your company. You may have to refund subsidies, and this is often accompanied by a criminal investigation.


An increasing number of enterprises are having to face criminal investigations into corruption at national and international level.

Bankruptcy fraud

The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service take a keen interest in tackling bankruptcy fraud.

Money Laundering

Even bona fide entrepreneurs like yourself may easily be subjected to an investigation into money laundering.

Legal assistance

Our lawyers at Ploum can advise you if you have to deal with investigative authorities on matters such as whether you have to furnish them with a statement. Our approach is characterised by a proactive attitude towards the judicial authorities in connection with requests for dismissal as well as settlement negotiations. But we will not hesitate to instigate legal proceedings where necessary.

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