• Industrial accidents & contingencies

Working conditions legislation sets stringent requirements for the measures your company has to take in order to guarantee safety of your employees. However, serious or less serious accidents, contingencies or environmental incidents may still occur.

Legal assistance in the event of industrial accidents and contingencies

If, in spite of all your efforts, this kind of contingency occurs at your company, this will mean a serious investigation into your company by the authorities.. The experts of Ploum will immediately be of assistance. Firstly, we will assist your company by informing the relevant competent authorities to which you have to report the contingency. When you fail to report a contingency promptly, this frequently results in criminal prosecution. Furthermore, we will advise and assist you during the investigation of your company. We can relieve you and your employees of all cares, thanks to our wide experience in crisis management. We will create order out of chaos and apply best practices, and, of course, we will advise and assist you and your company in any criminal proceedings that might arise as a result of the contingency.