• Environment

Your company needs to comply with all kinds of environmental and working conditions legislation in the course of your business activities.

Major Accidents (Risks) Decree (BRZO)

An increasing number of companies in the chemical and non-chemical industrial sector are being designated as ‘BRZO companies’, which means they have to adhere to the BRZO 2015.

Industrial accidents and contingencies

Working conditions legislation sets stringent requirements for avoiding and preventing industrial accidents and contingencies in order to protect employees. However, your company may be confronted with a serious or less serious industrial accident, contingency or environmental incident.


Current legislation and regulations require your company to take special precautions to ensure safety when handling or transporting hazardous or non-hazardous waste.

Legal assistance

In addition to enforcement pursuant to administrative law, failure to comply with environmental and working conditions legislation may (also) result in a criminal investigation. For example, this is frequently the case when industrial accidents occur, and breach of regulations governing environmental and water permits due to spills and emissions, as well as breach of the duty of due care as stated in the BRZO. When your company is faced with a criminal investigation, our specialists at Ploum are here to help you. We will advise and assist you at all stages of the criminal investigation. Our working method is characterised by a proactive attitude towards the judicial authorities in connection with requests for dismissal as well as settlement negotiations. However, we will not hesitate to instigate legal proceedings when necessary.