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Do you require advice and legal assistance for your company, management or staff in criminal proceedings relating to the environment, industrial and work place accidents, road and water transport, fraud, duties to report, internal investigations and compliance? At Ploum, our team of white collar crime lawyers has in-depth experience in advising and assisting companies in sectors such as construction, chemistry, petrochemistry, industrial manufacture, IT and transport. We also advise a wide range of professionals including accountants, auditors, tax consultants, lawyers, civil-law notaries and physicians. In view of the drastic nature and frequently large scale of these investigations, we consider factors such as publicity, prevention, continuity and the risk of damage to your reputation, in addition to all the legal aspects.

We have wide experience in advising and assisting clients at all stages of criminal proceedings, and we always seek to avoid criminal prosecution of your company. Although it is common to regard a trial as the actual criminal proceedings, these proceedings include many more stages. One example is the criminal investigation in which your employees are asked to make statements as witnesses. These statements may be significant within the further course of criminal proceedings against your company. We will provide your company with expert advice during this stage of the proceedings as well.

It is worth mentioning that we and our administrative law experts are part of one and the same practice group. This close cooperation enables us to provide you with fast and expert advice and assistance at the supervisory stage as well as the investigative stage, regardless of whether these relate to an order subject to a penalty, an administrative fine, a settlement, a penalty order or a summons.


If you operate in the environmental sector, you will have to comply with all kinds of environmental and working conditions legislation in the course of your business activities.

Road and water transport

The Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate investigates compliance with the European Regulation on the Shipments of Waste (EVOA) and transports of hazardous substances. It also carries out criminal investigations into collisions and road accidents.


Investigating officers may consider certain financial constructions to be fraudulent, such as forgery of documents, money laundering and bribery. In addition, you will be confronted with matters such as tax and subsidy issues in connection with national and cross-border trade.

Duties to report

Pursuant to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft), financial service providers have a duty to report unusual transactions, and auditors also have a duty to report pursuant to the Accountants’ Organisations (Supervision) Act (Wta). Furthermore, you may be confronted with environmental and working conditions legislation which include a duty to report as well.

Internal investigations and compliance

At Ploum, we can advise you on compliance with legislation and regulations. We will conduct internal investigations at your company, and we will assess all matters relating to compliance for you.

Raids and searches

If your company is raided or searched, we can provide you with immediate assistance in this respect too. We will ensure that the authorities do not impede your business operations more than necessary during a raid.

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