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The Brexit preparations have emphasized again to which extent Netherlands rules and legal provisions depend on or are intertwined with European/EU principles and legislation which determine and regulate the position and conduct of institutions, citizens and companies.  This applies to many industrial and trade sectors like energy generation,  airline transport, medicines or financial services. These European rules can have various purposes and public interests, for instance the protection of public health and safety,  proper labour conditions,  fair competition and a sustainable climate. Many lawyers,  courts, lawyers from public agencies and company lawyers  have to face these European rules ( including EU legislation and  the fundamental freedoms of the Human Rights Convention) almost on a daily basis. Such expertise is crucial to argue or contest the interpretation and validity of Netherlands legal provisions. For instance:

  1. Many contacts with governmental or municipal institutions or concessions originate from tender procedures conducted in accordance with the EU public procurement directives;
  2. Privacy regulations set up by companies must comply with the EU regulation which is enforceable throughout the European Union since May 2018;
  3. Imports and exports of products between the EU market and a non-EU country are subject to EU customs regulations and trade agreements concluded between the EU and a third country;
  4. The execution in The Netherlands of the envisaged climate policy must fulfil the general legal provisions and standards which have been adopted to comply with the Paris Climate Protection Convention.

The Ploum lawyers and civil-law notaries are well aware of the EU rules which apply for their legal field of practice or discipline. Some have more generic EU Law knowledge and expertise,  like Jaap Feenstra and  Willem Leppink.

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