• Customs, Trade & Logistics

The global trade in raw materials and products has traditionally been an important driver of the Dutch economy. The Netherlands has one of the most open and internationally oriented economies in the world and its strong logistics infrastructure makes it the European distribution country par excellence. A significant percentage of all imported and exported goods enter Europe or leave the EU via the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the gateway that supplies European industries and markets and facilitates European exports.

Complex, international regulation

Every company that imports, produces, trades, exports, or is involved in logistics has to deal with complex international, European, and national regulations in various areas. The complexity of legal issues has increased considerably in recent decades as a result of internationalisation and digitalisation. It is a challenge for businesses to understand and comply with the complex, specialist, and ever-changing regulations.

It is important to have a clear picture of the commercial agreements and risks that play a role in the relationships between manufacturers, trading companies, customers, and logistics service providers and how to lay them down adequately in contracts. In addition, companies, of course, must also ensure that they comply with the (mostly European) regulations that apply to the import, export, and placing on the market of goods.

Intensive supervision on the international flows of goods

Ploum responds to the trend whereby government supervision on the international flows of goods, both for import and export, is becoming increasingly intensive. Customs, of course, plays an important role in this respect, as it carries out its tax, safety, health, economic, and environmental tasks.

Another important factor is the Dutch Food and Product Safety Authority (NVWA), which checks whether products comply with the applicable safety standards. For companies that depend on the import of raw materials and products, these issues are increasingly important themes. It goes without saying that non-compliance, and the related intervention by customs and NVWA, expose businesses to considerable risks.

Effective proceedings against customs and NVWA

Ploum has a unique practice in this area. The specialists of the Customs, Trade & Logistics team distinguish themselves by combining extensive knowledge of, and experience in, international logistics and trade in goods with a solid track record in proceedings against customs and NVWA.

Whether it concerns disputes with customs or NVWA, the civil law contract and liability issues that may arise from this, or a possible criminal prosecution in case of violation of European customs or product regulations, our specialists are your single point of contact for effectively settling all these matters.



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