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You are an entrepreneur, and so are we. And as an entrepreneur, you want to know exactly what rights and obligations currently apply to you, and the best way for you to organise your company – either in a legal sense or otherwise. This is also the case if you intend to collaborate with another company.

Questions on corporate law

Which corporate structure would be best for your company? What is the best way for you to ensure structure in your agreements with other shareholders? What are the risks that directors face? These are just a few examples in a whole range of questions you might encounter as an entrepreneur. We will be happy to assist you by providing practical and cost-effective input. As we’ve already said, we are entrepreneurs just like you and we understand that your questions concerning corporate law primarily focus on your own entrepreneurship.

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

At Ploum, our integrated team of lawyers and our notarial practice will be happy to advise you as a fellow entrepreneur on all the legal aspects of running your organisation. You will have one permanent contact person at Ploum, and all our departments will work together to find a solution to your problem while guaranteeing in-depth knowledge of your company – and your sector too, which is possibly even more important. Mergers and acquisitions make up a large part of our everyday practice. We can advise and assist you from the very first exploratory talks right up to the (notarial) transfer and elaboration of all types of joint ventures. If you are confronted with shareholder disputes, we will work towards a fast, practical, efficient and cost-effective solution, in close consultation with you. We will do this the easy way if we can, and the hard way if we have to.

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