• Merger control

If you intend to conclude an acquisition, merger or set up a joint venture, it is very important to know whether you are obliged to notify the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), the European Commission or any non-Dutch competition authorities of your plans.

Notification obligation

The notification obligation depends on the relevant companies’ annual turnover. And care institutions often have to request prior approval from the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa) as well. If the relevant authorities are not notified beforehand of the proposed merger, or if the parties are already working together before these authorities have given their approval, this can result in severe fines.

Advice and implementation

If your organisation is planning to take over business units or dispose of them, Ploum can advise you on whether notification is required, and we can also estimate your chances of obtaining approval. In this respect, we draw up prognoses on any substantive problem areas that might arise during investigation of the transaction that was notified. We can also take care of the necessary notifications in proceedings before the ACM, the European Commission and the NZa. And we are entirely at your service if you want to lodge an objection with the supervisory authority Concerning your competitor’s takeover or merger plans.

On the international scene

Our extensive international network enables us to engage local specialists in order to establish whether you have to notify a non-Dutch competition authority, and to handle this notification if so.