• Purchase, services & delivery conditions

Clearly recording agreements with purchasers, suppliers or cooperative partners reduces the chances of a dispute arising. What are the conditions that have to be recorded precisely, and how can you formulate them in an unambiguous manner? How should you deal with your contracting party’s general terms and conditions, and how can you make sure that your own general terms and conditions apply?

Legal assistance in the event of commercial contracts

At Ploum, our legal specialists will help you in drawing up national and international commercial contracts. Examples of such contracts include distribution, agency, franchise, purchase, various types of collaboration and general terms and conditions. And we can also advise you if you have any specific questions on IT contracts and e-commerce.

Advice in the event of a dispute

If any disagreements arise between the contracting parties, our experts at Ploum will help resolve the dispute, preferably without any expensive and interminable legal proceedings. We can advise you on file management and formulating a strategy for conducting talks and negotiations. If, in spite of all our efforts, legal proceedings are inevitable, we will provide you with top-quality representation in court. Our Procedural Law Team has considerable experience in all matters relating to this particular legal area, such as interlocutory proceedings, substantive proceedings, attachment and appeals.