• Termination of a lease

The termination possibilities specified in a lease agreement do not always tell you what rights lessors and lessees actually have pursuant to the law. For example, what steps can you take as a lessee if your lessor gives you notice of termination and you want to continue the lease? And what options are open to you as a lessor if you have terminated the lease and your lessee fails to evacuate the premises within the time specified?

Qualification of the leased premises

The question of whether a certain lease can be terminated and how this can be done is closely related to the qualification of the leased premises, and this is often the subject of discussions. Are the leased premises used as retail space? In such cases, lessees enjoy a great deal of security of tenure and lessors usually have to institute termination proceedings through the Court. If, on the other hand, the leased premises serve as office space, lessees may be entitled to protection against eviction on termination of the lease.

Legal assistance

At Ploum, our specialists can advise you on terminating a lease or preventing such termination. This applies to leases for offices, shops, catering establishments, petrol stations and multi-storey car parks, as well as to leases for undeveloped land or movable items.