• Negotiations on leases

If you are planning to rent or lease business premises, it is important to consider the legal aspects relating to the content of the lease agreement, the qualification of the rented property and the relevant statutory provisions. Although various models for lease agreements are available, merely filling one in is often insufficient for ensuring a lease agreement that actually functions properly. If you give a lot of consideration to the wording of a lease agreement and its legal consequences, this may help you avoid problems and long lasting legal proceedings in the future.

Legal assistance when concluding a lease agreement

At Ploum, our tenancy law specialists can provide constructive input right from the start, when you are thinking about leasing business premises or relocating your company. We can help you draw up a lease agreement for various types of premises including offices, shops, catering establishments, petrol stations or multi-storey car parks, as well as for undeveloped land or movable items. And we can also advise you on the revising of a draft lease you have received, and conduct final negotiations on the lease with the lessor, the lessee and/or their advisors. With respect to retail space, we can request the Court to approve clauses derogating from the law if necessary, such as in the case of a link to a franchise agreement.

Amending a lease agreement

Our experts at Ploum can also advise you on amendments to a current lease agreement due to e.g. enlargement of your company. For example, certain circumstances make it possible to bring the rent agreed on in the past more into line with current market conditions by instituting rent adjustment proceedings.

Legal proceedings

If you as a lessor or a lessee are confronted with legal proceedings, our specialists at Ploum can advise and assist you in all kinds of lease issues.