• Defects & breach of contract

Defects in the leased premises, such as asbestos fibre release, leaks or temperature problems, can have a considerable impact on your business operations. For example, you may not be able to run your company for the time being, or business operations may be restricted, resulting in trading or other loss. In such cases, the agreements made in the lease will determine whether the lessor or the lessee is responsible for resolving these problems.

Legal assistance in the event of defects and breach of contract

Our specialists at Ploum can advise and assist you in all kinds of lease issues relating to offices, shops, catering establishments, petrol stations and multi-storey car parks, as well as undeveloped land and movable items. We will advise you on the lessor’s responsibilities and those of the lessee with respect to repairing defects quickly, and on your right to compensation and/or rent reduction. In the event of breach of contract such as substantial rent arrears on the part of a lessee, we can advise you on how to resolve this. And we can also institute legal proceedings on termination of the lease and eviction of the leased premises if necessary.