• Lease

Problems relating to leases may arise before you have even concluded a lease with a lessee or a lessor, and in some cases, they can drag on for years after the lease has been terminated (e.g. due to a party invoking protection against eviction). The following are the most frequently-occurring examples of lease issues:

Other matters that regularly arise are maintenance obligations, urgent work and renovations, delivery problems, subletting and leasing in bankruptcy situations, as well as rent adjustment, approval of derogation clauses and substitution.

Legal assistance in the event of lease issues

Tackling lease issues regarding business premises requires in-depth knowledge of landlord and tenant law. At Ploum, our specialists in this legal area can advise and assist you in the event of legal proceedings too. We can help you with a lease agreement for various types of premises including offices, shops, catering establishments, petrol stations or multi-storey car parks, as well as for undeveloped land or movable items.

Advice on other types of property

Our experts at Ploum not only specialise in landlord and tenant law; we also have all the necessary knowledge in other relevant areas such as property law. So we often advise our clients on the lease itself as well as on property development agreements or cooperation agreements in connection with new construction projects or renovations. Other matters we advise our clients on include a lease in combination with a franchise agreement for letting or subletting premises where a franchisee will be establishing a company.

And we advise Dutch and international investors on their property portfolios in the Netherlands, which is usually done through their managers in the Netherlands. This may concern problems in their property portfolios relating to landlord and tenant law, or the purchase and sale of leased immovable property, such as office and retail space. Our Real Estate Team is not bound to any one department, and can call on our colleagues’ expertise in legal areas such as administrative law, notarial practice and procurement law.