• Commercial contracts

There are various situations in which you may be confronted with commercial contracts and the appurtenant legal questions. These contracts may be between two or more Dutch companies or organisations, but many commercial contracts have an international connection, e.g. if one of the parties has its registered office in a different country.

Purchase, services and delivery conditions

Clearly recording agreements made with purchasers, suppliers or cooperative partners in precisely-worded conditions reduces the chances of a dispute arising.

Local agent, distributor or franchisee

When choosing one of the three types of marketing – distribution, agency or franchise – it is important to examine the considerable legal differences between them very carefully.


Issues relating to leases may arise when concluding a new lease agreement or negotiating on an extension of the present one, but you may also encounter them if you discover a defect or other shortcoming in the leased property. In addition, there are often legal and strategic factors involved when terminating a lease or preventing its termination.

Ploum can provide you with legal assistance

At Ploum, our specialists can advise you in drawing up and assessing various types of commercial contracts, conducting final negotiations on them and also terminating them. We can compile a draft contract for you based on your own wishes, or check a contract you have drawn up to make sure it is complete and consistent. When doing this, we make sure that the phrasing of the stipulations corresponds with the parties’ actual intentions as closely as possible in order to avoid discussions on explanations later on. We also take risks and litigation risks into account beforehand when formulating the stipulations. If, in spite of all our efforts, the interpretation of the contract inevitably leads to legal proceedings, you will have the best possible chance of a court decision in your favour. And it goes without saying that we will represent you in court too.