• Legal proceedings

As a bank or enterprise, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to take action and you require legal advice on the matter. Examples include the following:

  • security enforcement including pledges, mortgages and suretyship;
  • the bank’s position versus the tax collector, other creditors, debtors, receivers and liquidators;
  • questions concerning bankruptcy, moratoriums and insolvency;
  • questions concerning private international law;
  • the duty of due care of banks;
  • enforcement of bank guarantees.

Legal assistance in the event of legal proceedings

At Ploum, our big insolvency practice means that we have all the necessary expertise at our fingertips for acting on behalf of banks in legal proceedings against enterprises, or conversely, we can act on behalf of enterprises in proceedings against banks. Ploum is often appointed as receiver, and this has given us considerable expertise in insolvency law.

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