• Project finance

Legal advice and assistance during project finance requires practical knowledge of specific legal areas in addition to general skills. Examples of these include administrative law, procurement law, energy law and insolvency law. And experience in drawing up direct agreements with suppliers and conducting final negotiations on these agreements is an absolute must as well.

Model projects

At Ploum, our specialists have all the essential in-depth experience required to advise and assist you at all stages of project finance. We acted as advisor to one of the borrowers during the financing of two natural gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea (the Nord Stream Project), and also to a heating company and one of the construction companies in the Warmtebedrijf Rotterdam project. We have also advised clients on the funding of a number of wind farm projects.

In addition, Ploum’s civil-law notaries are among the top experts in the Netherlands with respect to the transfer, registration and mortgaging of underground and aboveground networks. In collaboration with Professor Hendrik Ploeger, our colleague Jolande van Loon made recommendations on registering ownership of cable and pipeline networks in a preliminary report entitled ‘Energie en Eigendom’ (Energy and Property), published in December 2011 by  the Dutch Energy Law Association.

International project financing guide

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Lending & Secured Finance Laws and Regulations 2019 gives you an excellent overall picture of all aspects of financing that you may encounter. Several countries completed an extensive questionnaire on financing and you can also read Ploum’s own contribution.