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It is important for prospective borrowers to ensure legal assistance at the earliest possible stage of a finance procedure in order to be able to stipulate favourable conditions. This procedure starts when selecting a bank and subsequently when drawing up the term sheet. It is also important to get the works council involved in the procedure at an early stage to avoid unnecessary delays.

Legal assistance in the event of financing

At Ploum, we have all the necessary expertise at our fingertips to provide you with top-quality advice, regardless of whether you are considering bank finance, an LMA based transaction, project finance, acquisition finance, a subordinated loan or group finance. Our extensive experience in advising and assisting clients during finance transactions means we have a great deal of expertise in conducting the relevant negotiations, and we know exactly what banks want to see before paying out any loans. We draw up the finance documents and issue further necessities such as security, suretyship, escrow, bank guarantees, legal opinions and letters of credit, or arrange for these to be issued. And we also monitor the procedure closely and manage teams and expectations. If we are acting for a bank, crucial factors such as speed, clear communication and ultimate reliability are our watchwords.

International financing

There are often complicated issues involved, particularly in cross-border finance, requiring fast and practical solutions that are acceptable to finance parties. At Ploum, our experts have all the essential international know-how and experience in these procedures.

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