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European trademark registration: an attractive alternative

12 December 2014
Intellectual property rights

For many companies a European trademark registration has always been a popular way to protect a trademark in one go in a large number of European countries and at an reasonable price. As you may know, without a registration no right. This European route has become even more attractive by the introduction of a ‘Fast Track’ trademark registration. A registration can now be accelerated by 4-6 weeks. Useful when a new marketing campaign or a new product are about to be launched while the IP rights (trademark, design, copyright) have not yet been protected. An additional advantage: costs are unchanged.

It may be good to know though that the Benelux Trademarks Office still provides an even faster trademark registration procedure.

Ploum will be pleased to assist you in registering your trademark or logo. We will of course also provide you with advice on what, in your case, is the preferred filing strategy.

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