• About Ploum

Ploum is not your average law firm. We are significantly different. And our clients experience that. We achieve goals with practical solutions. Combining knowhow and practical experience to your advantage is our talent. It’s in our DNA.

Business-wise lawyers

We understand what business is about and we know what is important to you. Our expertise lies in those jurisdictions that are relevant to you as a company. Such as corporate law, employment and co-determination and contract law. And specializations as administrative law, construction lawintellectual property, IT law and insurance law. We combine these areas of expertise in a result oriented approach.

Our values help us with this. We communicate openly, with the interests of our clients in mind. We are inspired by the difference we want to make, we do not know the word “dutiful”. We are decisive because we give clear advice and do not leave our clients with dilemmas. Our advice and solutions are sharp-witted: appropriate to the situation, out-of-the box if necessary. And in all we are pragmatic: we do not like theoretical speech, and are focused on practical solutions.

Solutions that work

Ploum delivers practical and working solutions. This is where our heart lies. No scientific papers if they are not needed. No detours and cautious advice, but solutions. First we look further than usual, and then just say it like it is.


Our enthusiasm to make a difference goes beyond the work for our clients. Ploum wants to have a positive impact on her people, society, the environment and the market. Look at CSR for more information.