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20th anniversary party for Ploum

06 November 2015
Over Ploum - Press

Ploum celebrated its 20th anniversary with over 240 clients and business contacts yesterday. Chairman of the board Rutger Ploum warmly thanked the many who were there for the cooperation and trust that has been built up together over the years. He also shared an inside view of the firm’s growth from 7 to 75 lawyers and civil-law notaries. In addition, the guests were treated to inspiring contributions from Sjarel Ex, director of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, and professor Jan Peter Balkenende, Corporate Responsibility Partner at EY. Corporate responsibility was the theme of the anniversary celebration.

Leading the way

In the past 10 years, Ploum was twice the fastest growing firm in the Netherlands. In the words of Rutger Ploum: ‘In this rapidly evolving market, the choice is one of ‘change or die’. Surviving is a matter of ‘walking the extra mile’, leading the way at all times and innovating. That is exactly what we have always endeavoured to do and will keep trying to do. This is Rotterdam: we never shy away from a challenge and hard work. We provide full service on the basis of our professional quality and knowledge of the sector. More than anything, our deep engagement and enthusiasm ensure that we genuinely solve issues and provide added value to our clients. After 20 years our clients still tell us that this is the case, and I’m very proud of that.’

Going the extra mile for Rotterdam

Professor Jan Peter Balkenende had a similar message: ‘We need to embrace a spirit of enterprise as individuals to make it as a society. Keep investing in new insights. Above all, create social value. Be active in your own community and link your efforts to your own core activity.’ Rutger Ploum added: ‘I’m very proud that our firm is staffed with professionals who work on the basis of their own ideals. They are all willing to take responsibility and to make a positive impact in this city is okay. We use our expertise to serve Yes We Care, CityLab010, IMC Weekendschool, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and many other organisations.’

Learning from art

Professor Jan Peter Balkenende stated: ‘Creating sustainable growth requires long-term thinking. As shown by the development of the Port of Rotterdam and the “Market Hall” project, we can capture international attention. Think beyond existing horizons, be creative and cultivate the imagination. We can learn a great deal from art.’ With an expert hand, Sjarel Ex, director of Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, then took the guests back 500 years on a magical tour and explained the ‘The Discovery of Daily Life: From Bosch to Bruegel’ exhibition. This exhibition will run up to and including 17 January 2016.